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Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic

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Experience the joy of learning Spanish

Here in our Spanish school in Santo Domingo is the best opportunity you will have... learn spanish, one of the widest spread languages in the world in one of the safest countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Enjoy an inviting Hispanic "ambiente", and experience a fascinating country with friendly and happy people. When Columbus discovered this island for the Spanish Crown for more than 500 years, he named it tenderly "Española (Hispaniola)", which means little Spain. He loved this island more than all of his other discoveries.


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In our small classes each student gets personalized curriculum and attention. The instructors are astute in their assessment of each students' need. We are also culturally sensitive, and do our best to help the student adjust. We promote an informal atmosphere, and go out of our way to make sure the students succeed.



C-E-I-C spanish teachers are a group of professionals graduated with at least a BA degree in the teaching of languages. Our teachers have extensive experience in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. In successful seminars, we have already worked with different groups from the USA, Europe and Japan.



Address of our Spanish School:

C-E-I-C Centro de Enseñanza de Idiomas y Cultura,
Km 9 Autopista Duarte, Urbanización Villa Marina, Calle Primera #7,
Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic
Phone: (809) - 560 7012

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it